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Troops to Teachers is a U.S. Department of Defense program
that helps eligible military personnel begin a new career
as teachers in public schools where their skills,
knowledge and experience are most needed.

Thursday, October 27, 2016  
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Troops to Teachers announces new Associate Regional Director of Native American Affairs, Mr. Joey Strickland. Troops to Teachers now has an Associate Regional Director of Native American Affairs. Colonel (Ret.) Joey Strickland, has been named to recruit, counsel and assist with job placement on as many as three hundred reservations across the United States. Strickland, who is American Indian of Choctaw-Hispanic descent, also served as Louisiana Director of Indian Affairs from 1996 to 2004. In May 1995, and was selected from 80 candidates to serve as Louisiana State Director of Troops to Teachers as a member of the Louisiana Governor’s personal staff.  Col. Strickland served as Director of the Louisiana State office of Troops to Teachers, from 1995 until 1998 where he was able to establish an alternative certification program. Col. Strickland became Director of the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs. Strickland most recently retired after five years as the head the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services after serving more than 10 years as the Deputy Secretary and Executive Director of the Louisiana Department of Veterans.
“I am very excited and happy to be back with Troops to Teachers. I have kept up with former Troops to Teachers Chief, Dr. John Gantz and Regional Director Colonel Joe Morgan, as well as the current TTT Chief, Mr. Bill McAleer,” says Strickland. “Joey Strickland will bring great leadership ability to an area that has been greatly underserved by our organization. His efforts will no doubt bring military veterans into the classrooms in ever increasing numbers,” says Colonel Morgan.

“Being of Native American heritage, it was always a goal of mine to help bring Troops to Teachers to Native American veterans and provide them the same opportunity in reservation schools. It is a known fact that after completion of their military service many Indian veterans return to their reservations. There is usually a shortage of non-Indian teachers on the reservations because of housing shortages and isolation. I see my role as the POC for Indian veterans desiring to be teachers through the Troops to Teachers Program. Presenting weekly on Reservations will give me the opportunity to educate potential candidates, principals, superintendents and Indian leadership about the benefits of hiring military veterans who will be wonderful role models within the Troops to Teachers program. My duties will also include educating national Indian organizations (NCAI, USET) on Troops to Teachers, as well as speaking to and about native colleges and universities who may desire to create alternative certification programs for those who wish to “proudly serve again.” My initial duties will focus primarily in the four corners of New Mexico, Utah, Arizona and Colorado, but will outreach to other states with any needed support, eventually branching north, west, and then to the east.”   
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Archie Taylor
# Archie Taylor
Monday, July 11, 2016 3:31 PM
I am a retired teacher and assistant principal as well as a former troops to teachers participant getting my alternative certification after retiring from the military in 1995. I retired from education after teaching HS in Dallas and Fort Worth for 6 years and serving as a High School assistant principal for about 13 years. I would like to seek employment in some capacity with the troops to teachers program because it opened many doors for me and because I could share first hand my experiences as a new teacher and assistant principal coming for a career military perspective.

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